Connecting English and Science in Young Learners 3

May 31, 2012 at 1:26 am | Posted in Clases Young Learners, Young Learners 3 | 1 Comment

Check out the experiment the one group of Young Learner’s program students did to practice English in the context of a scientific problem. They have studied inventions and had talked about catapults as part of that. Sara Comis, a student from MIT who is studying this semester in MIT-Spain program , gave the students a lesson on design.  Now we have the results of the students taking that one step further to create a catapult of their own design. Way to go!

In the same week, we were lucky enough to have another visit, this time with Sara and her friend Elise Myers, also from MIT. They taught the students about the solar system and the students did a role play pretending to be the different planets, asking each other questions. They finished by making a model of the solar system from balloons, with stones from the garden as an asteroid belt.

We would like to thank Sara and Elise for sharing their time and knowledge with us, and for bringing such fun activities!

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