Alisha Buttke has 14 years of teaching experience, and has taught orchestra, general music, reading and English.  Her degree is in music education (Saint Cloud State University, MN, USA) and she holds the Cambridge CELTA Certificate.  She creates a comfortable classroom environment that allows students to develop their curiosity and motivation.  Alisha enjoys doing outdoor sports and playing music whenever she can.



bio  Jean Choi is from Brookline, MA and graduated in 2007 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in Comparative Media Studies. She loves learning about different cultures and hopes to cultivate inclusive and creative spaces. In her spare time she enjoys walking near water, writing, and exploring Madrid. Jean is the director of the American Space Madrid.




Patti Trimborn grew up in Houston, Texas but has been teaching and living in Spain for  many years. She loves working with kids, teaching English and other subjects in English. Her favorite thing to do in class is working with stories, and in her free time she loves dancing, reading, travelling and going to concerts. Patti holds a degree in education from Boston University and a master’s in intervention in learning difficulties from the Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos in Spain.  Patti is also the director of the English Program here at the Institute.


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