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The Summer in the City teachers and students would like to say a huge THANK YOU to two special ladies who worked with us this month.

Cynthia Torres volunteered with us for the first three weeks of camp. Cynthia is a Spanish and English major at the University of Callifornia at Irvine.  She was a big help to everyone.


Ellen Comis was also with us this month as a visiting teacher. Ellen is an English Language Development Specialist from California. She taught our new class of kindergarten students for two weeks and showed the teachers and students a lot of new materials being used in schools in the United States.




Summer in the City finishes in…Hawaii!

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The Yellow group painted pictures to illustrate a Hawaiian myth that explains the creation of the Hawaiian archipelago.

IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0786

Everyone had a great time at camp, which finished with a day of games in the Retiro. Thanks to everyone for coming, and have a great summer!

We hope to see you in the fall for our Young Learners Program.

Odyssey of the Mind

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Monday‘s Odyssey of the Mind contest challenged all of the groups. They made Hawaiian costumes out of some very unusual items.

Healthy “Hawaiian” Snacks

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On Monday, the Yellow group prepared the healthy snack for the week. They made Hawaiian fruit pizzas with bananas, kiwi, nectarine and pineapple. Yum!


IMG_20140721_131154 IMG_20140721_131437 IMG_20140721_131433 IMG_20140721_131427 IMG_20140721_131340 IMG_20140721_131314

Week 3 Summer in the City: Inventors’ Workshop

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During week 3: Inventors’ Workshop, the students made lots of different structures and learned about inventions.

For the Odyssey of the Mind competition, students had a challenge of making a free-standing structure with spaghetti and a marshmallow!

Here is a picture of the winning structure:

winner odyssey of mind contents inventors

They visited the Cosmocaixa exhibit Ideas que Cambian Vidas.

The exhibit shows inventions made to help thousands of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America who don’t have water, electricity, or other modern conveniences.

cosmo caixa visitvisit to cosmo caixa

Students also created a geodesic dome using recycled newspapers.

image image[1]


Blue and Green groups participate in second language and culture exchange with American students

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The Blue and Green groups had another visit  from some high school students from the US who were visiting Madrid.


Apart from the visit, they also did lots of other activities related to the Round and Round theme.

Here is what the students had to say about their second week at camp:

 This week we had fun. We did a lot of activities. We met some American friends and we learned about their culture.

 In our class we played a lot of games and we did a scavenger hunt with the other class.

 Álvaro and Alberto wrote:

This week has been as intensive as the last one. We have had a lot of fun, but especially with the American students who came on Wednesday.

 Here are some more comments from the Blue group:

We did lots of things this week. We met some Americans and we had fun with them. We did a special activity: a “gymkana” (scavenger hunt) and we had a lot of fun. In general we have enjoyed these two weeks at Instituto Internacional.

 I liked this week because we did a lot of activities and we also learned a lot.

What will the students report for week 3: Inventors’ Workshop?

Friends Around the World

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The students in the Orange group read a play called ‘Friends Around the World,’ in which one of the characters loves to make toys with clay. They then made their own toy animal figures with clay. Can you find the snail, turtle, pig and penguin?

IMG_20140709_114456 IMG_20140709_114357 IMG_20140709_114348

Week 2: Summer in the City “Round and Round”

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For the second week of the Summer in the City Camp, the theme was Round and Round. Classes worked on all kinds of activities about “round” things. Some groups looked at sports and soccer  (the week of the World Cup final). Yellow made their own soccer balls (“Buckyballs”) out of posterboard.

Friday assembly presentations. Can you find the Buckyball?

Friday assembly presentations. Can you find the Buckyball?

Orange, Red and Yellow groups worked on making mandalas with the colors of flags of the countries participating in the World Cup. They also learned new dances like the Chicken Dance and the Twist.

Doing The Twist

Doing The Twist

Making mandalas


The Orange and Red groups were in charge of making healthy snacks. They made fruit kebabs that everyone enjoyed. The high school students had another visit from some American high school students and they practiced English and Spanish together. On Friday the camp went on a field trip to the Telefonica Museum, where the kids learned about the evolution of the phone through time.

Preparing healthy fruit kebabs

Preparing healthy fruit kebabs

On the way to the museum On the way to the Telefónica Museum

Making phones at the Telefónica museum

Making phones at the Telefónica museum

The phones students made

The phones students made









Week Three’s theme is INVENTORS’ WORKSHOP.

Summer in the City gets off to a Rocking Start

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On July 30th the Institute began the Summer in the City English Camp. The theme of the first week was Rock Stars, and the students worked on different activities related to the theme. They made guitar posters, watched rock-star themed movies and learned a few dances like the Bunny Hop and The Chicken Dance. On Friday to wrap up the week they made videos to the song “Happy” by Pharell at Madrid Río and Jardines de Sabatini.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Blue Group wrote a summary of the week:


Hello we want to talk about our experience of this first week at the day camp.

We arrived here on Monday and we went to the Paraninfo for an introduction speech, and later we met our new classmates of the blue class (14-17 years old), we also met our great teacher Jocelyne and we played some interesting games.

Next day we hosted some American students from different parts of USA at the Paraninfo, we asked them some questions about their lives, and we learned a lot of things about American culture, and the differences between the USA and our country. Then we divided in six groups and we did some great activities at the school garden with them. After the activities we had a picnic of typical Spanish food, like “tortilla de patata or empanada”. It was a great time to meet different people and made some new friends from another culture.

On Wednesday we joined the green group to receive a speech about going to an American High school, then we played some games and practiced dancing for the Friday music video, when we finished practicing we watched a musical film.

On Tuesday the  students in Green and Blue received a visit from students from an American high school. They played icebreaker exercises and the Spanish students taught the American students about Spanish foods. The American kids taught the Spanish kids a few new games.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the visit:

On Tuesday we met American students and at first we played a game that let us know their culture. It is a little bit different than our culture (Their food, their hobbies, their school…). After we went to the garden and we learned things about each other and played some games. It was funny. After they tried some different Spanish food like Spanish omelette, cheese, empanada…

It was a good experience because we met American people and that is good because it’s fine to meet people and learn something about their culture like their food, their hobbies and what they are studying.

This week’s theme is ROUND AND ROUND. The teachers have another fun week of activities planned for this week and the rest of the month.

Please Join Us for a Workshop on Increasing Vocabulary and Literacy Skills!

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July 9, 2014

2.30pm – 3.30pm, Room 101

International Institute

C/ Miguel Angel, 8


Word Study Success for ESL Learners Through Vocabulary Building and Sorting


Please join us for Ellen Comis’ second English language workshop, entitled “Word Study.” This exciting, non-traditional approach is currently gaining ground in the U.S. as an effective method for strengthening literacy skills.  Participants will join in a demonstration lesson that uses hands-on, student-centered activities that will provide ideas and strategies for promoting English vocabulary-building skills for young learners, teens, and adults.


Ms. Comis’ presentation will be exceptionally valuable for both elementary school teachers and teachers of adult learners, as well as for students of English who want to discover new tools for successfully expanding vocabulary.


Ellen Comis is a State of California-credentialed teacher (Multiple Subjects with a Bilingual Certification-Spanish), who teaches principally at the primary school level in the Los Angeles area. She has developed curriculum materials for the ESL Program at the La Canada Unified School District, where she works as an ESL Specialist.


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